Quality Control

Quality control of input raw materials, packaging and finished products - in accordance with EU standards.

Internal modern laboratory

Microbiological analyzes

Sensory estimates

Analysis of the presence of aflatoxin

Continuous process control

Cleanliness of production lines and work surfaces control

Control of storage space cleanliness
Storage space temperature control


In line with the core values of the company, we have been certified through a series of food safety management systems:

ISO 9001 - a quality management system that proves our consistency in the quality of products that meet customers' requirements, laws and regulations.

HACCP - a food safety control system at all stages of the procurement, storage and production process.

IFS - ensuring the safety and quality of products that guarantee the uniformity and stability of product quality.

BRC - satisfying world standards in food production.


Our products carry a certified kosher quality, i.e. those ones suitable for nutrition in accordance with Jewish laws. Kashrut or kosher is the name for a system of laws and customs that relate to permissible and impermissible food and to its preparation. In the kosher nutrition it is insisted that the foods are maximally clean and obtained naturally.
In addition, we have a statement of compliance with the Halal standard and we are also expecting a certificate soon.