30 reasons why to buy in Mercator BH

In line with the promise to dedicate special attention to the co-operation and strengthening of relations with local producers after the takeover of Konzum's stores in B&H, at the beginning of this year Mercator agreed with Eurocompany99 the development of a private brand for as many as 30 items of dried and nutty fruit, legumes and seeds.

The product line concept is designed with the collaboration of Mercator and Eurocompany99 development departments, and is based on the emphasis of high-quality packaging products that are luxurious, almost royal dark red with the popular transparent part so that the customer can see and be convinced of buying the best product.

In the desire for better positioning of private brand products, and thus Mercator BH, the prices of products compete with other producers in the product category.
The products of dried fruit, nuts, legumes and seeds of the private brand Mercator can be found in all Mercator BH stores.

More about the products of private brand Mercator: link to our articles on the Mercator web page

Published: 10. 05. 2018.

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