Grains are harvested from dried legumes and additionally they are drying. Than, beans should be mechanically cleaned, scorched to 14% moisture and shredded in jute bags on a dry and airy warehouse. Beans are placed on the market sorted by color. It must be homogenous, healthy, without odors and appendages.
Before cooking, the beans need to soak for several hours in cold water. In addition to being more delicious, the soaking process will reduce the overflow after enjoying the beans meal.

Bean lowers cholesterol, regulates blood sugar and produces insulin. Due to the low glycemic index and the complex digestion of complex carbohydrates, it is good for digestive tract health and protects against cancer. Folic acid, with which beans abounds, is important for pregnant women and has a beneficial effect on mental health. It is an excellent source of protein, and unlike other sources, beans have little fat and do not contain fats, as well as cholesterol. In addition, it contains a large amount of fiber and numerous minerals and vitamins.

September/October (Argentina, China); April(Argentina)
Nutritional Value in 100 g Fatt Proteins Fibers
273 kcal 1,2 g 20 g 9 g

Nutritional source of: iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, calcium, vitamin B.

Because of its mild and neutral taste, it combines excellent with other vegetables and meat. It is made in the form of a soup, can be cooked than baked or made like a salad, so it can be served as a main dish or as an appendix. It is particularly well combined with dry meat or sausages and barley or with pasta and sour turnip. Thanks to its gentle and neutral taste, even cakes are made from beans.

Nutritional values of all beans are similar. Darker species have a slightly larger antioxidant content than white or yellow beans.


About forty sorts of lentils are known, which differ in color, size and shape.
Lentil grains need not be thawed before cooking. When preparing, lentils should be placed in hot water because they will be cooked faster. Depending on the type of lentils, the cooking time is 30 to 60 minutes, and serves as a soup (green) in addition to salads (green and brown), as a side dish with meat and fish (green, yellow-shelled green), soups (red). The lens belongs to heavily digestible foods, similar to beans. Because of a non digestible mambrane it is recommended to smash it and eat in the form of smash potato If whole grain is eaten, spices must be applied to prevent swelling and stimulate digestion. The flour is also made of lentils and can be mixed with other flour from which the bread is melted.

Laird lentil, calibre for it and for mix. Dark red and Lightt red (peeled Dark red) – calibre mix. Yellow – peeled Laird lentil, calibre mix.
Sep (Canada/USA).
Nutritional Value in 100 g Fatt Proteins Fibers
338 kcal 1,4 g 25 g 7,9 g

Nutritional source of: potassium, iron, magnesium, vitamins B6 and C.

Lentils contains more protein than meat, anthraquinone, folate, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin B complexes, B1, B2, B6, carotene and vitamin C. They contains no saturated fat as or cholesterol. Lentils are the source of soluble and insoluble fibers that lower blood glucose and cholesterol levels, while non-absorbable fibers accelerate metabolism and shorten food retention time in the digestive system and thus reduce the risk of colon cancer. Lentils contains a high percentage of vitamin B complexes which has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and skin and hair health, while high iron content helps to prevent weakness.


Chickpea is a legume whose grain is roundish and light brown to yellowish color.

Due to its creamy texture and nutty taste, chickpea is excellent for preparing spreads and dip. In some countries, chickpeas are ground in flour, which is then mixed with wheat or used as a substitute for coffee. Middle Eastern hummus is certainly the most famous spread/dip, which is prepared with addition of tahini (sesame seeds), lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and spices, and serves with a slim pie or roasted bread. Roasted chickpea is a healthy snack.
Its presence is particularly present in the kitchens of North Africa, the Middle East, Turkey and India and the Mediterranean countries.

Before cooking, chickpea needs to soak for a few hours in cold water with the addition of 2 teaspoons of soda-bicarbonate that accelerates soaking and cooking.

Kabuli, calibre 8 mm, rounded and light coloured; Canada. Origin Argentinian, calibre 8 mm, 7 mm i 9 mm, gray coloured.
Aug/Sep (Canada), Aug (Turkey), Sep (Kirgistan), Feb/March (Mexico).
Nutritional Value in 100 g Fatt Proteins Fibers
364 kcal 3 g 22 g 11 g

Nutritional source of: magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, vitamins A and C.

Chickpea is a high-value food for human nutrition, and in many countries it is an important source of protein that increases the absorption of iron and calcium. It improves spleen function and acts diuretically.

Green Split Peas

It is obtained from a fully mature pea which is only then harvested and dried. It can be dried in one piece or in half. Many people do not like when some vegetables are dried, and try to avoid it. However, dry peas have the highest calorific value of all types of peas. Likewise, there are also the most carbohydrates and fats as well as proteins in dried peas.
Before cooking, it must be soaked in water. It is most commonly used in soups and in combination with boiled ham or bacon. Very tasty cream soups can be made from dehydrated peas.

Green split peas , Canada, EU.
Nutritional Value in 100 g Fatt Proteins Fibers
340 kcal 1,2 g 25 g 26 g

Nutritional source of: magnesium, calium, potassium, iron, vitamins A and C.

Pea is rich in dietary fiber and proteins that regulate digestion. Stimulating digestion, these ingredients also regulate the sugar and the flow of carbohydrates through the digestive tract, which helps maintain optimal blood sugar levels. It is also rich in folic acid and vitamin B6 and as such is the ideal food to fight this bone disease. Peas contain a lot of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances and is considered to be an important protector of the heart and cardiovascular system. Also, thanks to antioxidants, pea is an invaluable foodstuff to maintain the health of the immune system.