What do quality certificates mean?

By globalizing the market, the spread of food safety issues becomes larger than ever. Everyone is talking about the harmfulness of pesticides, GMOs, food spoilage due to inadequate storage conditions, deadlines and similar.

In the struggle for consumers, certification of product quality is no longer a practice but a necessity.

Certificates to customers and business partners guarantee that the product is of high quality, safe and easy to access.

In accordance the core values of the company, Eurocompany99 has been certified through a range of food safety management systems, and what they mean you can read in the following.

ISO 9001 - a quality management system that proves our consistency in the quality of products that meet customers' requirements, laws and regulations.

HACCP - a food safety control system at all stages of the procurement, storage and production processes.

IFS - ensuring the safety and quality of products that guarantee the uniformity and stability of product quality.

BRC - satisfying world standards in food production.

Certification of the product safety management system is performed annually by authorized institutions and therefore Eurocompany99 can guarantee you the quality of its products.

Published: 20. 03. 2018.