Unite, unite Europe!

Back in 1990, Toto Cotugno took the Eurovision Song Contest in Italy, singing on the unification of European countries.

Nine years later, Eurocompany99 was established in B&H, as the sister company of the Italian Euro Company. Knowing that the desire of B&H to become a full member as soon as possible, we are developing business relations with companies already operating in the Union.

Euro Company Italy is the leader in the finishing and packaging of dry fruits, nuts, dry vegetables and related products in Italy and southwestern Europe. The factory space of 45,000, m2 is located in the city of Russi near Ravenna. In their country, but also in the part of Europe, all their own brands as well as private brands are very known and popular. Monthly production is 16,000 tons of goods on 31 production line. Every day, from the factory, 250 pallets of prefabricated goods are delivered to customers: Coop, Carrefour, Metro, Bama, Selex, Primia, Esselunga, Iper, Sigma, Bennet and others.
More about Euro Company Italy: link to EC Italy web site

Published: 10. 04. 2018.