How do we control the quality of input raw materials?

In order for the raw material, packaging or any input goods to be received in our factory, it must first satisfy the entry control of the goods. Besides the stockman controls the quantities and packaging of our warehouse, our internal quality control controls the health of raw materials, packaging, respectively any goods that one day will come into our customers' hands.

Already at the arrival of the consignment the control of the means of transport is carried out, i.e. the luggage space for the goods. A visual inspection is carried out after opening, if there is no damage to the container, and so on, to the detriment of the cargo. Also, the cleanliness of the means of transport is controlled.

Subsequent sampling of the goods is followed and organoleptic and sensory properties are examined: taste, colour, odour, calibre, water content in the product.

Then the products are examined for the presence of mycotoxins, and then preparations for a microbiological examination. Each set provides a result that must meet the prescribed limits for acceptability for a particular product, meaning that the product physically, chemically and microbiologically must be acceptable for human use, as prescribed by the Food Regulations. If the product received does not meet the prescribed quality requirements, then the so-called destruction of cargo would follow.

Published: 20. 05. 2018.