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The success of our company is based on our employees. Taking care of our employees directly affects to the success of the whole company. In the selection of personnel and recruitment we choose highly motivated people who want to keep their place in our team. Motivation is achieved by a pleasant environment that offers the possibility of education and development and career development. The development of each of our individual develops as well collective and our company.

In our 20 yearly activities we currently employ nearly 200 employees. Due to the development of production and sales in existing and new markets, we often have the need for new employees as well in Bosnia and Herzegovina, also in Croatia and Serbia which are affiliates with all their own organizational structures.

Occasionally, we have the need for seasonal or temporary employees for various jobs. Also, our entire team is happy to accept students in practice who will surely gain experience and knowledge at various business levels and in various business processes.

Even if we do not have open competitions for working positions, you can always send us your CV: or by postal letter.

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