Roasted Products


Roasting is the procedure of processing raw materials at high temperatures, with the addition of oil. Some oil on the market is specially made for roasting and guarantees extraordinary crunchiness and aroma of roasted materials.

Different plant origin oils can be used for frying. However, it is always best to chose the oil that is stable to oxidation or release of potentially harmful substances at high temperatures. Palm oil is most resistant to oxidation and therefore most suitable for roasting, especially in unrefined form.


Dry roasting involves the use of dry heat in the oven without adding oil.

Roasting or dry roasting takes place at a temperature of 140 to 160 ° C, up to 30 minutes, depending on the raw material. At this temperature the water from the surface of the food evaporates and a crusty crust is created which prevents dehydration in the frying process, but also when preserving the fried products. Whether is it roasting in oil or dry, oil-free roasting, peanut or seeds prosessing improves the aroma of raw materials, and partly changes the nutritional composition so that  materials become lighter and more delicious.