SF – Semplicemente frutta is not Science fiction

How many times has it happened that during your working hours you have only few free minutes for truly fast, but healthy snack? In such moments your needs are best satisfied by nuts or mixture with dry fruit and seeds. Off course, no added sugar!

This kind of solution is provided by Eurocompany99 with its new line of products Semplicemente frutta, in which we have developed 8 different flavours without added sugar.

The products are intended for direct consumption and weighs 30 g to 45 g, enough to meet the needs of fast meal and energy, in a healthy way. The products can already be purchased at the Croatian market, and will soon be present in B&H, Serbia and some European countries.
In every woman's purse, for a business break or a break from studying, for vacation and travel or for sport and entertainment, a healthy fast meal without added sugar is no longer science fiction, it is - Semplicemente frutta.

The line items Semplicemente frutta can be viewed at: Semplicemente frutta

Published: 10. 02. 2018.

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